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 10.1 Legionary Countermarks

"ALAR", "LVI", "VI", "X", "LXV", "XV", "LII"

coins marked with rbc are from the Richard Baker Collection

The West (Hispania - Pannonia):

"ALAR" of Ala II Arvacorum, based in Pannonia (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 74)

"LVI" on a Claudius Sestertius, likely applied for Legio VI Victrix while still in Spain (this legion was later moved to Britain). The countermark shows the combination of Letter and Numerals, with the "Club of Hercules" above. Legio VI Victrix was Galba's personal Legion under his command in Spain.  On April 2, 68 A.D. they were the first Legion to renounce the oath of allegiance to the Emperor Nero, and instead swore an oath to Galba as the "Imperator" and representative of the Roman Senate".   The coin is of Gallic manufacture.  The diameter is 36mm, weight 22.8grbc

"VI" on moneyer As of Augustus (likely imitation countermark of AVC, but could also refer to "VI" of a sixth legion)

"X" for LEGIO X GEMINA on Nero Dupondius, Pannonia Superior (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 82)
This Legion was stationed in Pannonia in 68 A.D. and took no active role in the revolt against Nero or its immediate aftermath. This
countermark has until recently been described as a "barred X". It is usually listed as having a horizontal "bar" across the top (or bottom
depending upon the allignment of the portrait).  Peter Kos and Andrej Semrov, in their book, ''Roman Imperial Coins and Countermarks of the
1st Century ( Augustus-Traianus ) refute this, believing instead that this countermark is actually an "XI" for the LEGIO XI CLAUDIA PIA
FIDELIS, stationed in Dalmatia til 69 A.D.  Their arguments for time and circimstance are plausible but, not their descriptions of the
countermarks  stylistic "Terminals" to the "I" and, in particular the height vs. width ratio of the numerals.

diameter 34 by 36 mm with a weight of 22.6g.

diameter 33 by 35 mm with a weight of 23.1g.

another one...

"LXV" on Claudius As together with retrograde "PR" countermark (middle coin). This countermark is for the Legio XV Apollinaris.
for the middle coin with the L XV countermark diameter is 26 by 28mm with a weight of 14.2g

"XV" cut on both sides of a Dupondius of the young Marcus Aurelius, likely also for the Legio XV Apollinaris, the other legion Primigenia with this number had already ceased to exist by that time.
rbc, Diameter is 26 by 27.5 mm with a weigt of 13.2g.

"LII" on AE 27 of unknown origin, and cannot be attributed to a specific Legio II. Could be of Western or Eastern origin.
diameter is 22mm with a weight of 8.9g.

another view of the same coin

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