Museum of Roman Countermarks
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1. Countermarks on Coins of Augustus and Tiberius Caesar

1.1. Countermarks on Nemausus and Spanish Provincial Coins of Augustus
"AVC", "DD", "IMP", "IMP lituus", little "Wheel",  "Eagle Head",  "AVL", "CPA"

1.2. Countermarks on Lugdunum AEs of Augustus
Part 1: "ARAT", "AVC", "CA", "CCARN", "CVAL", "IMP lituus", "IMP", "RC",
Part 2: "TCPA", "TIB round", "TIB square", "TIBCAVF", "TIBIM", "TICA", "VAR" (and "Q VAR"), "VICIN", large "Wheel".

1.3. Countermarks on Ephesos AEs of Augustus
"AVC" (in combination with "TICAE", "TICA", "helmet", "dolphin"), "TICA",

1.4. Countermarks on Moneyer AEs of Augustus
Part 1: "AL AR", "APRON", "AVC" (in combination with "CAE", "TIB", "PP"), "BPV", "CAE", "CAESAR", "CONST", "DD",
Part 2: "IMP", "IMP AVC", "MD", "S",  "SE", "TIB", "TIB AVC", "TIBIM", "TICA", "VAR", "VA", and a variety of "sicilian" pictoral countermarks (male Head with beard, Prora, Helios Head, Standing Helios, Capricorn, Star)