Roman Military Equipment
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Roman Military Equipment

The Roman Household

Roman Technology: Engineers, Scientists, Builders

Equipment to measure... RGM Köln and British Museum, London

a rapid scale in bronze, weight missing, RGM Köln

Water pipe system (ancient plumbing), British Museum, London


A pioneering axe (dolabra), Munich Archeological Museum


and to write....

writing equipment for a letter home, RGM Köln

Grafitti on Terra sigilata

from the Munich Archeological Museum

An early Abacus to calculate profit and loss
RGZM Mainz

Health and Beauty

above medicinal instruments, below a mirror and a set strigili for the baths.... RG Museum Köln

closer look at the medicinal box

A stamp for ophtalmologist's prescriptions, Munich Archeological Museum

shaving knive, needles, scissors (Nijmegen Museum)


Mysterious Objects:

a dodecaeder of unknown purpose...., Louvre, Paris

Buildings: Mosaic Floors

More Technology:

A heavy builder's crane to lift heavy loads during a construction process (model)

Rudder of a Roman Boat (RG Museum Köln, Germany)

Metal Supplies

A lead bar stamped by the Legio XIX, this is one of the three legions destroyed under the general P Quinctilius Varus by the German tribes under Arminius in 9 AD

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