Roman Military Equipment
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Roman Military Equipment

Other Personal Equipment

Sandals (Caligae)

to the left nailed sole of a typical legionary sandal, to the right sandal from the Munich Archeological Museum

Vindonissa Museum, CH

Fibulas (decorative safety pins)

Roman soldier`s safety pins, the fibulae, worn also as a decorative piece. A universe of different designs exist.

"Utere Felix"
another fibula with "UTERE FELIX" carry it with happiness....

A so called ROMA fibula, maybe standing for PRIMA, soldier of the first cohors of a legion

A fibula with the name "MINNA"

a Gladiator fibula, the defeated one to the right raising his hand for mercy: The winners name may have been BASILEOS (as written in greek letter at the lower edge of the fibula)

Early Middle Ages....
  Edinburgh Scottish National Museum

Gladiator Figures and Toys

By the way, two more gladiator related items, a toy in lead, and a little bronze statue, soldiers were certainly amongst spectators of gladiator fights, when they had the opportunity in their remote garrisons.


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