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Roman Military Equipment

The Roman Household

Roman Household Luxury found even in Remote Border Provinces

Who are we to know who's lips enjoyed wine from the below silver cups, the emperor, a general ,a soldier, a merchant, a thief, or a Germanic invader ? All items below have in common that such have been found in provinces along the borders of the Roman empire and are thus in one way or another linked to the provincial military and civilian structures the Roman Empire. Rome brought culture, civilization, luxury for the few..... and the tax collector for the masses

Celebrate good life.....
Louvre, Paris

A silver cup of finest style, maybe a governors joy on cold and misty days far away from Rome..., Nijmegen Museum

Princeton, NJ

Bosco Reale Treasure, Louvre, Paris

Sevso treasure

Leiden Museum, handle of a silver vessel,

Kaiseraugst Treasure, Augst, CH

Simple but elegant, from the Archeological Museum in Munich

Finest Glas, from far away places, but also from Colonia Agrippina (Cologne), to replace the blue mediterranean sky...


A beautiful Diatret glass, cut out of a single piece of glas of differently colored layers. Römisch Germanisches Museum, Köln, Germany.
Another -complete- example can be found in the Antikensammlung München, Germany

Nijmegen, NL

Leiden Museum, NL

Jewels from the far away Baltic Sea, Landesmuseum Bonn

amber bear, Nijmegen

golden Victory, Louvre, Paris

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