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Roman Military Equipment

The Roman Household

The Roman Household  -  Every Day Kitchen Equipment

A set of bronze jars for your symposium, wine to forget the barbarians outside of the fortress...

here with enamel decoration (Scottish National Museum, Edinburgh)

Kitchen Stuff for the daily routine...

Wine jars

How to make terra sigilata, the famous redish glazed ceramics                 Spoons

More Terra Sigilata  (RG Museum Köln)

Grafitti on Terra sigilata

from the Munich Archeological Museum

Grafitti of Legio XIX on terra sigilata, this is one of the three legions destroyed under the general P Quinctilius Varus by the German tribes under Arminius in 9 AD

A light in Darkness

To bring light and style to the dark forests of the north (Oh how I miss the gladiator fights in the flavian amphitheatre in Rome ! The horse and chariot races in the Circus Maximus ! Luckily I find women even in the remotest garrison....)

Money, Love, Boys and Girls....

Reverse of a Savings Jar with the following inscription:

Quisquis commot puerus sene finem puellus rationem saclino refert
"He who loves boys and girls with no end, whose money will soon end as well"  Remagen Museum

Reach for the wine or follow the soft touch of the girl behind the curtain..... Regensburg Roman Museum

Wine seller's shop (taverna ?), Augsburg Museum


Games to Play


Pets / Animals

Owner's mark for the dog of the Praetorian Praefect Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius, advising the reader to keep their hands off that dog, 378/379 AD, Munich Antiken Sammlung, found in Rome


A set of transportable furniture for the legatus ?

above a table (Nijmegen), below a chair (Louvre Paris)

Tent hooks

from the Munich Archeological Museum

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