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4. Countermarks on Coins of Claudius

This section covers "TIAV" on Claudius coins, "KLIA-greek", "Hercules Head", "AMR"

For countermarks on Claudius coins please look also under the denominational, Vindex, Galba, Vespasianus , and Legionary countermarks

"TIAV" on Nero Claudius Drusus Sestertius, minted under Claudius. (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 54)

TIAV is commonly read as "Tiberius Claudius Augustus". Strangely the "Claudius" would thus be missing from the countermark, and the countermark would show on almost uncirculated coins of Claudius.
Another maybe more likely possibility would be to move the time of use to Titus (TIAV = Titus Augustus). In parallel NCAPR commonly seen as Neronian is possibly from Nerva's reign.

"TI AV" on Claudius Dupondius


"TIAV TIAV" on imitation Claudius Sestertius, Germania

"KLIA-greek" standing for Claudius year 2 = 52 AD, (countermark Howgego 546), Eastern Provincial Coin from Roman Veteran Colony


"Hercules Head" a countermark from the lower Danube area, on a Claudius sestertius (countermark Martini Pangerl Collection 99)

"AMR" monogram in ligature for Amorium. likely on a Claudius AE of 19mm, (countermark Howgego 604)