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 Caesar to Domitian

Please see also the Imperatorial Coin Section for more coins from the First Civil War (Pompeius vs Caesar), the Second Civil War (Republican's vs. Caesar's Party after his death)  until the Battle of Actium (Marcus Antonius/Cleopatra vs. Octavianus/Agrippa)
  • Caesar - Conquest of Gallia
  • Caesar  - Assassination
  • Marc Antony - Armenia / Cleopatra
  • Augustus 
  •     Actium
  •     Armenia and Parthia
  •     Raetia
  •     Varus
  • Claudius proclaimed emperor
  • 68/69 Civil War
  • Vespasian / Titus - Iudea
  • Titus - Britannia
  • Domitian - Germania
  • Caesar in Gallia

    Julius Caesar's Victories in Gallia in the 50's BC

    said to show portrait of Vercingetorix, the leader of the Gallic tribes against Caesar, reverse shows gallic warriors

    Vercingetorix on a gold stater from Gallia, hellenistic style

    note the elefant is stepping on Gallic war trumpets

    Gallic gold Stater from the Eburovices, Caesar knew why he conquered Gallia....

    Caesar rules the World

    Julius Caesar, murdered on the Ides of March in 44 BC

    The Second Civil War after Caesar's Murder in 44 BC

    CAESAR's murder celebrated by Brutus (43-42 BC), maybe the most famous  Roman coin...

    Please see the Imperatorial Coin section for more coins from this exciting period

    Marcus Antonius advertising his connection with Caesar, April 44 BC in Gallia

    Marc Antony in Armenia: Armenia Devicta


    The Battle of Actium 31 BC

    Before the battle of Actium, Marcus Antonius pays his legions (32 BC), see also the legionary coin section

    The Apoll of Actium
    denarius of Augustrus to celebrate the victory IMP X

    AEGYPTO CAPTA (Victory of Octavianus and Agrippa at Actium 31 BC over Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra)

    Veterans of that war were settled in Nemausus (Nimes, France)

    Armenia and Parthia under Augustus

    ASIA RECEPTA Quinarius of Augustus, and a denarius with Parthian returning one of the legionary standards lost by Crassus, success of 20 BC, another such denarius of Augustus, and finally a cistophorius with SIGNIS RECEPTIS under triumphal arch


    similiar type but with naked barbarian


    Armenia Capta by Tiberius for Augustus in 20 BC

    kneeling Armenian captive

    The Conquest of the Alps under Augustus 16 / 15 BC

    IMP X, Conquest of Raetia by Drusus and Tiberius 16/15 BC, denarius and aureus of Augustus

    Drusus the elder, Triumphal Arch "De Germanis"


    Germanic Tribes giving children as hostages to the emperor Augustus (IMP XIIII), 8 BC

    The Loss of Germania (and 3 Legions) in 9 AD

    P Quinctilius Varus  (interested in Roman Officials ?) see also the Varus debate page
    as Governor of Syria


    as Governor of Africa (coin with his portrait)

    Countermarked coin found in Germania Inferior / Gallia Belgica. Countermarking coins was common in the military of the Augustean / Tiberian period. The below example has a "VAR" countermark, once thought to be for P Quinctilius Varus who lost 3 legions in 9 AD. For more details see the Countermark Section .

    As with "VAR" countermark, applied in Gallia-Germania (Varus Debate)

    Claudius proclaimed emperor by the praetorian guard

    IMPER RECEPT, showing praetorian camp

    Civil War in 68/69

    Clodius Macer for Legio III Augusta, denarius 68 AD

    Vindex in Gallia

    Restituta PR, Libertas, denarius making reference to the famous Brutus EID MAR denarius with the two daggers and the cap of liberty. Possibly struck under Galba in Tarraco, Spain
    Coinage possibly minted in Germania during the civil war (Vitellius ?)

    X countermark for Legio X Gemina, on Nero sestertius
    SPQR countermark, on Nero As (see countermark section)

    Vespasian & Titus in Judea

    The IUDEA CAPTA series for the capture of Jerusalem (Vespasianus and Titus 70/71 AD)


    JUDEA (Vespasianus), Denarius

    Palm Tree and Jewish Prisoner


    Titus Aureus


    Sestertii of Vespasianus

    The last coin above does not clearly mention Judea, but refers to the same victory

    As of Vespasianus

    Jews begging Vespasianus for Mercy


    Titus:  IUDEA CAPTA and IVD CAP

    Titus as Caesar
    Titus as Augustus

    Jewish Prisoner

    Denarius with  Jewish Prisoner (Titus)

    Titus for Britannia 
    Aureus IMP XV

    Domitian's German Wars

    GERMANIA (Domitian 83-85 AD),  Denarius and Aureus, for the conquest of today's Black Forest region

    GERMANIA DEVICTA (sestertius, Domitian 85 AD)


    Domitian attacking Germanic warrior (sestertius)

    Victory crowning emperor on a sestertius
    crossed Germanic shields on a Dupondius

    Quadrans showing celtic torques and military decorations, as well as an olive branch for victory TRIVMP IO IO

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