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 Legionary Stamps on Roman Bricks

Part 3: Auxiliary Units

For Cavalry Units (Ala):

ALa II FLavia (Aalen, Germania Superior)


For Infantry Units (Cohors):


COHors I HELvetiorum (Öhringen, Germania superior)

COHors I Raetorum Pia fidelis (Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germania Superior)

COH I Thracum (Pannonia inferior)

C.III HI   Cohors III Hispanorum, Vindonissa Museum, CH

COH IIII VINDELICORUM was based in Groß Krotzenburg close to Frankfurt at the river Main. It supplied also bricks for a large part of the limes incl. the famous Saalburg rebuilt last century.


COH V DELmatorum (Heilbronn-Böckingen, Germania Superior)

C VI RAETO (Vindonissa Museum, CH)

COH VII BReucorum
this auxiliary unit was based in Carnuntum when making this brick

COH X Nova Surorum (Pannonia inferior), in mirror writing

NBRIT CAL, Numerus Brittonum, based in Welzheim, Germania Superior


For a Provincial Fleet:

CGPF  Classis Germaniae Pia Fidelis, based in Köln, Germany


Specialized Military Brick Manufacturers

TRA in ligature (stands for Transrhenana). This stamp is from the time of Nero, and gives reference to a unit making bricks on the "other" side of the river Rhine. The exact location is unknown. Bricks of this type have been found e.g. in Vetera I (Xanten) associated with bricks of Legio XV Primigenia.

TEGLA TRANSRHENVS This is the stamp of a unit making bricks on the "other" Germanic side of the River Rhine (similiar to the previous TRA)

various units from the province Germania Inferior

Unknown brick stamp AV VAL

FIDES EXERC (Denarius of Commodus)                                                           PROFECTIO AVG (Sestertius of Commodus)

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