Imperatorial Coins of the late Republic
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 Caius Julius CAESAR

Julius Caesar's military coinage:


Caesar in Gallia,  49 BC


Vercingetorix, chief in Gallia on a Roman denarius,
note the celtic warrior on the reverse, naked, only protected by a shield

Vercingetorix on a gold stater from Gallia, hellenistic style


Cleopatra VII, queen of Egypt on an Egyptian coin, lover of Caesar, mother of Caesar's son Caesarion

Cleopatra VII from Orthosia in Phoenicia

Julius Caesar as undisputed master of Rome (44 BC)
He seems to have been the first to place his own portrait on coins (while still alive, which he wasn't less than two months later). The debate how many of his coins were actually struck after his murder is ongoing.
during his life in Feb/March 44 BC (?)

Brutus and others seem to have quickly taken over the new fashion....

Brutus Denarius (Eid Mar), on the murder of Julius Caesar , with the cap of liberty and the two daggers. From an eastern mint  travelling with Brutus and Cassius

To Caesar's Murderers