The Emperors' Wives and Families
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Part 2:  Manlia Scantilla to Galeria Valeria

Part 3:  Helena to Aelia Verina

Part 1:  Fulvia to Crispina

Fulvia, wife of Marcus Antonius
to left a quinar of M Antonius, below provincial coins from the city Eumenea that changed its name to honor Fulvia

Octavia & Marcus Antonius (Octavia died 11 BC)

Cleopatra VII, queen of Egypt

coins from Phoenicia (upper coin) and Egypt (lower two)


....with her son (from Caesar) Caesarion, AE coin from Cyprus thought to be showing Cleopatra holding the infant Caesarion


reverse shows her name in greek
....her daughter Cleopatra Selene (with Marc Antony) married King Juba of Mauretania

with countermark of Vespasian (see countermark section)
Denarii with Marcus Antonius & Cleopatra VII (Cleopatra died 30 BC)

Cistophorus/Tetradrachm of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, likely from Antiochia

below on a AE denominations, Coele, Chalkis, Syria


Livia (died 29 AD)

Livia (?) as Salus and as Iustitia, dupond issued by her son Tiberius

Livia's funeral cart, sestertius by her son Tiberius

Julia, daughter of Augustus, died 14 AD
AE from Pergamon, with Julia as Aphrodite and Livia as Hera more denari

Antonia, wife of Nero Claudius Drusus, grandmother of Caligula


Livilla, wife of Drusus minor, born 13 BC, died 31 AD, daughter of Drusus major and Antonia minor

This dupond is thought by some experts to show Pietas with the features of Livilla, while others stick to the more traditional view of features of Livia. As this dupondius is issued in the name of Drusus minor, it may in our view well be making a reference to Livilla. However the lady shown is highly idealized anyways, with little individuality, so it makes not much of a difference.

Agrippina I, daughter of Agrippa and wife of Germanicus, died 33 AD


Agrippina II, Drusilla, and Julia, sisters of Caligula

Caesonia, wife of Caligula is commonly thought to be shown on this Spanish Provincial coin from Carthago Nova, it could however also be Antonia (his Grandmother), or simply a personification of Salus

Valeria Messalina, wife of Claudius, on a provincial coin from Cnossos, Crete, and from Aeolis

Octavia and Antonia, daughters of Claudius with Messalina.

Coin from Perinthos for Octavia

Octavia was later married to Nero, son of Agrippina the younger, Mysia Cyzikus with Britannisu, their borther, and secondly 2 coins from Cnossos, Crete, and lastly a Judea coin.

Agrippina II daughter of Germanicus, wife of Claudius, mother of Nero, killed 59 AD

dupondius minted in Thracia

with her son Nero

Poppaea, 2nd wife of Nero
coin of Perinthos (NAC Auction 39, 2007)

Statilia Messalina, 3rd wife of Nero


Domitilla, wife of Vespasian, and mother of Titus and Domitian, the second example set as jewel

sestertius under Titus
MEMORIAE DOMITILLAE,  maybe refering to Vespasian's daughter Domitilla the younger (Cohen) , but possibly also to his wife (Mattingly, Sydenham)

Julia Titi, Daughter of Titus and lover of Domitianus, denarius

Domitia, wife of Domitian, daughter of Corbulo, with her infant son, whose name is not known.

Plotina, wife of Trajan, died 129 AD


Marciana, sister of Trajan, died 114 AD, Aureus

Matidia, daughter of Marciana

Sabina, wife of Hadrian, died 137 AD

Faustina I, wife of Antoninus Pius, died 141 AD

Faustina II, daughter of Antoninus Pius, wife of Marcus Aurelius

Faustina II, died 175 AD

Lucilla, daughter of Marcus Aurelius and wife of Lucius Verus, killed 182 AD

Crispina, wife of Commodus


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