The Emperors' Wives and Families
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Part 1:  Fulvia to Crispina 

Part 2:  Manlia Scantilla to Galeria Valeria 

Part 3:  Helena to Aelia Verina

Helena, mother of Constantinus I, Follis


Theodora, wife of Constantius I, AE


Fausta, wife of Constantinus I, AE


Constantia, wife of Licinius I and half sister of Constantine I
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Aelia Flacilla, wife of Theodosius I, died 386 AD, AE


Aelia Eudoxia, wife of Arcadius, died 404 AD, Siliqua and Solidus


Aelia Placidia,  later Gallia Placidia

Galla Placidia, died 450 AD (her life fills a book worth reading), Solidi


Aelia Eudocia, wife of Theodosius II, Siliqua and Solidus


Aelia Pulcheria, died 453, sister of Theodosius II, siliqua and solidus


Licinia Eudoxia, wife of Valentinian III (439-490 AD, solidus)


Justa Grata Honoria, Sister of Valentinian III, solidus


Euphemia, daughter of Marcian and wife of Anthemius (467-472 AD), Western Empire, Solidus


Aelia Verina, died 484 AD, wife of Leo I, Solidus and AE


Her daughter Aelia Ariadne, wife of Zeno (died 515 AD)
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Zenonis, Wife of Basiliscus AE Nummus

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