Imperatorial Coins of the late Republic
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Caesars Murderers & Sextus Pompeius

C Cassius


Brutus, murderer of Julius Caesar (43-42 BC)

Brutus Denarius (Eid Mar), on the murder of Julius Caesar , with the cap of liberty and the two daggers. From an eastern mint  travelling with Brutus and Cassius

Other Brutus Denari (Eid Mar), on the murder of Julius Caesar

The two known Aurei with this design:


Aureus with M Junius Brutus and his ancestor L Brutus Primus Consul

Sextus Pompeius, on the reverse his dead father Pompeius Magnus and his dead brother Pompeius Junior  (42 BC)

The light house of Messina and Scylla guarding the Sicilia (keeping Octavian away), 38 BC

To the left denarius of Cassius, murderer of Caesar, and middle and right Sextus Pompeius, son of Pompeius Magnus

Q Labenius Parthicus Imperator, 40 BC


To Caesar's Party