Imperatorial Coins of the late Republic
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Caesar's Party after his Death

a postumous portrait of Julius Caesar

Left:  Divus Caesar & Marcus Antonius, on a coin minted in Gallia shortly after Caesar's murder (April 44BC)
Right: an early Portrait denarius of Marcus Antonius  Nov 44 BC

The second Triumvirate, Marcus Antonius, Octavianus, and Lepidus:
Marcus AntoniusOctavianus

Marcus Antonius & Octavianus (triumvirate coins 41 BC)

Marcus and Lucius Antonius (his brother), 41 BC

Lepidus and Octavianus, 41 BC

CN Domitius Ahenobarbus, 41 BC, a general changing the sides a few times....

Marcus Antonius and CN Domitius Ahenobarbus, summer 40 BC


 Octavian for Caesar, the god, and his general Agrippa, the later victor of Actium, 38 BC, Gallia.


Many years later during the Principate Octavianus Augustus shows again his uncle and adoptive father, the Divus Julius

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