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Hellenistic Kingdoms after Alexander the Great
  • Makedonia: Philip II, Alexander the Great, Philip V, Perseus
  • Asia Minor: Lysimachos, Eumenes I, Ephesos, Magnesia ad Meandrum
  • Syria: Antiochos I, Antiochos IV, Seleucos VI
  • Egypt:  Ptolemaios I, Ptolemaios II, Arsinoe II, Cleopatra VII
  • Baktria: Antimachos I, Eukratides I
  • Parthia: Mithridates I
  • Makedonia
    Philippus of Makedonia, father of Alexander III the Great
    Alexander III the Great, Tetradrachm of Amphipolis

    Philip V of  Makedonia, 221 BC
    Perseus of Makedonia, 178 BC

    Other Regions / Cities in Europe / Asia Minor etc.

    Lysimachos, 297 BC, with portrait of Alexander the Great

    Eumenes I of Pergamon, 263 BC

    Ephesos, 340 BC

    Magnesia ad Meandrum 161 BC

    Antiochos I of Syria, 280-261 BC
    Antiochos IV of Syria, 175-164 BC
    Seleukos VI, 95-94 BC


    Ptolemaios I, with portrait of Alexander the Great, 323-305 BC
    Ptolemaios I, 305-285 BC, Hemidrachm
    Ptolemaios II, 285-246 BC, Pentadrachmon
    Ptolemaios II, Tetradrachmon
    Ptolemaios I and Bereneike I, Ptolemaios II and Arsinoe II, Oktadrachmon
    Arsinoe II, Oktadrachmon

    Cleopatra VII, queen of Egypt, coins from Phoenicia (upper coin) and Egypt (lower two)

    Antimachos I of Baktria, 174-165 BC
    Eukratides I of Baktria, 171-145 BC


    Mithridates I of Parthia, 171-138 BC

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