The Late Empire
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The Dynasty of Valentinianus I

Valentinianus I (364-375 AD), Soldius

Valens, brother of Valentinianus (364-378 AD), Siliqua

Procopius (365-366 AD), AE3

Gratianus (367-383 AD), Solidus

Valentinianus II (375-392 AD), Solidus

The Dynasty of Theodosius I, plus a few Usurpators....

Theodosius I (379-395 AD) Soldius


Magnus Maximus (Siliqua and Solidus, both minted in Trier, Germany) (383-388 AD), Western Empire


Flavius Victor, son of Magnus Maximus (387-388 AD), Western Empire, Siliqua (left) and AE 4 (right)


Eugenius (392-394 AD), Western Empire, Siliqua and Solidus


Arcadius (383-408 AD), Eastern Empire, Siliqua and Solidus


Honorius (below 2 Solidi minted at Ravenna RV-COB & RV-COMOB, and the third solidus minted in Mediolanum/Milano- MD-COMOB), (393-423 AD), Western Empire


Constantinus III (407-411), Western Empire, Gaul, Solidus from Lugdunum

Lugdunum Siliqua

Constans, son of Constantinus III, 408-411, Western Empire, Siliqua
(Image from RIC, extremely rare)

Maximus (409-411), Western Empire, Siliqua


Priscus Attalus (409-410 and 414-415 AD), Western Empire, Centenionalis


Jovinus (411-413 AD), Western Empire, Gaul, Siliqua and Solidus


Sebastianus (412-413 AD), Western Empire, Gaul, Siliqua


Constantius III (312 AD), Western Empire, Gaul, Halfsiliqua


Galla Placidia (died 450 AD), Western Empire, Solidus


Johannes (423-425 AD), Western Empire, Halfcentenionalis and Solidus


Theodosius II (402-450 AD), Eastern Empire, Solidus


Bonifatius, Comes Africae (423-430 AD), Halfcentenionalis


Valentinianus III (425-455 AD), Western Empire, Solidus

Licinia Eudoxia, his wife


on the reverse Theodosius II, Licinia Eudocia, and Valentinian III

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