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Traian to Constantinus Magnus
  • Traian - Dacia
  • Traian - Parthia
  • Hadrian - Army Issues
  • Hadrian - EXERCITUS - series
  • Antoninus Pius - IMP II, Armenia
  • M Aurelius L Verus - Parthia - Armenia
  • M Aurelius - De Germanis, De Sarmatis
  • Commodus - Britannia
  • Septimius Severus
  •     Civil War
  •     Parthia, Arabia
  •     Britannia
  • Caracalla - Victoria Parthica
  • Macrinus - Victoria Parthica
  • Max Thrax - Victoria Germanica
  • Philippus I - Victoria Carpica
  • Traianus Decius - Dacia
  • Traianus Decius - Victoria Germanica
  • Valerian/Gallienus - Germania
  • Valerian - Victoria Parthica
  • Gallienus Restitutor Galliarum
  • Postumus Restitutor Galliarum
  • Claudius II - Germanicus
  • Claudius II - Gothicus
  • Probus - Germania
  • Aurelianus - Palmyra
  • Tacitus - Goths
  • Carus - Parthia
  • Diocletianus - Sarmatia
  • Constantinus I, Crispus, Constantinus II
  •    Alemannia-Francia
  •    Sarmatia
  •    Alemannia
  • Traian's Dacian and Parthian Wars

    For Traian's DACIAN campaign, left the emperor spearing a Dacian from horseback, below mourning Dacia "PROVINCIA DACIA" (As, Sestertius, Trajanus, 106 / 111 AD)
    As & Sestertius

    Trajan's Column for the Conquest of Dacia 106 / 111 AD

    on an as (left), a denarius (right), an aureus (below)

    ARMENIA ET MESOPOTAMIA (sestertius, Trajan 116 / 117 AD)
    in his final campaign against the Parthian Empire, Traian reached the Persian gulf successfully. However all gained territory had to be given up already under his successor Hadrian


    REGNA ADSIGNATA (sestertius, Trajan in Mesopotamia, 116 / 117 AD)


    REX PARTHIS DATUS (sestertius, Trajan in Persia, 116 / 117 AD)


    IMPERATOR VIII (sestertius, Trajan in Mesopotamia, 116 / 117 AD)


    IMPERATOR VIIII (sestertius, Trajan in Mesopotamia, 116 / 117 AD)



    Roman Legions in Action (sesterti, Hadrian)

    The EXERCITUS Series, Issued for provincial armies when Hadrian visitied that province on one of his many travels across the empire:  EXERCITUS BRITANNICUS, DACICUS, MAURETANICUS, RAETICUS, SYRIACUS
    Britannia  Dacia  MauretaniaRaetia  Syria

    Antoninus Pius 
    IMP II..., possibly in Northern Britannia

    and for appointing the king of Armenia

    Lucius Verus in the East - Armenia and Parthia
    In 161 AD Vologases IV of Parthia attacked Armenia and installed his chief general on its throne. To counter the Parthian threat Verus set out for the east in 162 AD. His army won significant victories and retook the capitol. Sohaemus, a Roman citizen of Armenian heritage, was installed as the new client king.

    Aureus of Lucius Verus

    The Germanic Wars of Marcus Aurelius

    left: RESTITORI  ITALIAE (173 AD, sestertius, Marcus Aurelius), Italy restored as result of the Victories
    right: GERMANIA SUBACTA (172 AD, sestertius, Marcus Aurelius), and below setertius with GERMANICO

    RELIG AUG (sestertius, to the Rain Miracle in Markomannian Campaign, M Aurelius, 172 / 173 AD)

    DE GERMANIS (denarius, 2 sesterti, Marcus Aurelius, 177 AD)

    DE SARMATIS (denarius, Marcus Aurelius, 177 AD)

    The British War of Commodus
    Although mostly a peaceful reign, a serious revolt had erupted in Britain in 184, the causes of which are uncertain. The revolt was quickly put down and the insurgents harshly dealt with, and a series of coins was struck to commemorate the event.
    Commodus, Sestertius

    The Civil War of 193-194: And the winner is.... Septimius Severus
    A series of coins was struck to celebrate all legions that supported Septimius Severus (see legionary coin section)
    Some examples:
    Legio III Italica, Regensburg

    Legio VIII Augusta, Strasbourg

    The Parthian Wars of Septimius Severus

    left: VICT  PARTHICA ARABICA ET PARTHICA ADIABENA (denarius and sestertius, Septimius Severus, 195 AD)
    right: VICTORIA PARTHICA (denarius, Septimius Severus, 196/197 AD)

    This coin type was also minted for his son, Caracalla.

    Septimius Severus in Britain

    VICTORIA BRITANNICA (denarius, Septimius Severus, 210 AD)
    Victoria Britannica (denarius, Septimus Severus, 210 AD), this type also minted for his sons Caralla and Geta

    VICTORIA BRITTANNICA (as, Septimius Severus (left) and as, Caracalla (right), 210 AD)

    Caracalla and the Parthians in 217

    Caracalla celebrating a victory that never came, rather he was killed by his preatorian prefect Macrinus in 217.

    both images from CNG auctions

    Macrinus and the Parthians

    The Victory that actually was a defeat, but after the death of Caracalla, Macrinus had his opportunity to seize the throne...

    both images from Gorny & Mosch auctions, Munich

    Maximinus Thrax defeats the Germans on the Rhine

    VICTORIA GERMANICA (sestertius, Maximinus Thrax, 236 AD)


    Philippus I - Victoria Carpica


    Traianus Decius in Dacia

       Dacia (antoninianus of Traianus Decius)

    Traianus Decius defeats the Germans

    images from Lanz auctions

    Valerian I and Gallienus defeat the Germans on the Danube

    VICTORIA GERMANICA (antoniniani, Valerianus I and Gallienus, 254 / 258 AD)


    Valerian I  and his Victoria Parthica that brought him death in captivity

    for Valerian II Caesar

    image Kuenker auctions

    Gallienus restores Gallia 

    Postumus restores Gallia 

    image NAC auctions
    image Sondermann

    Claudius Gothicus defeats the Germans (allemanni) at lacus benacus (Lago di Garda)

    image from Rauch auctions, Vienna, Austria

    Claudius Gothicus defeats the Goths in Naissus

    Victoria Gothica (antoninianus, Claudius II Gothicus, 269 / 270 AD)

    Probus defeats the Alemanni, Burgundians, and Vandals in 278 on the Rhine
    VICTORIA GERMANICA (antoninianus, Probus, 278 AD)

    Aurelianus defeats Zenobia and returns the Eastern provinces to the Roman Empire (ORIENS AUG)


    Tacitus defeats the Goths

    Divo Caro Parthico, Divo Persico, Carus defeats the Parthians/Persians 
    Divo Caro Parthico

    Divo Caro Persico
    image from Gorny&Mosch auction

    Dicoletian defeats the Sarmatians

    Constantin I and Crispus defeat the Alemanni and Francs in 320 AD

    Alamannia, Gaudium Romanorum (Solidus, Constantinus I)

    Francia, Gaudium Romanorum (Solidus of Crispus)

    Constantin I defeats the Sarmatians in 322/3 AD

    SARMATIA DEVICTA (AE 3, Constantinus I, 322 / 323 AD)

    Constantin I defeats the Alemanni again in 324 AD

    ALAMANNIA DEVICTA (AE 3, Crispus and Constantinus II, 324 / 325 AD)


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