Buildings on Roman Coins
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Roman coins showing the empire's architectural treasures are amongst the most interesting.
Roman Buildings (mostly in Rome):
  • Aqua Marcia
  • Aqua Traiana
  • Ara Pacis
  • Arch of Augustus (Parthian Arch)
  • Arch of Claudius
  • Arch of Drusus
  • Arch of Nero
  • Arch of Severus
  • Arch of Traian
  • Augustus Temple
  • Basilica Ulpia
  • Cippus
  • Circus Maximus
  • Colosseum
  • Column of Traianus
  • Column of Antoninus Pius
  • Concordia Temple
  • Cura Julia
  • Divus Julius Temple
  • Divus Antoninus Temple, Diva Faustina
  • Forum of Traian
  • Hercules Temple
  • Isis and Serapis Temple
  • Janus Temple
  • Jupiter Temples
  • Macellum
  • Mars temple
  • Port of Ostia
  • Port of Traianus
  • Praetorian Camp
  • Rostra
  • Statues / Equestrian Statues
  • Stadion of Domitian
  • Venus and Roma Temple
  • Vesta Temple
  • Via Traiana
  • Villa Publica
  • Provincial Buildings:
    Olympia Zeus Temple
    Pergamon Diana Temple
    Ephesos Diana Temple
    Ephesos Roma et Augustus Temple
    Lugdunum Roma et Augustus Temple
    Emerita City Gate

    Unidentified Buildings:
    Unidentified Bridges
    Unidentified Temples
    Unidentified City Fortifications / Camp Gates


    Rome: The Aqua Marcia
    republican denarius: equestrian statue on top of aqueduct, 56 BC

    Rome: The Aqua Traiana

    Aqua Traiana
    Aqua Traiana enlarged

    Rome: Ara Pacis

    Rome:  Arch of Augustus (Parthian Arch)


    Rome:  Arch of Claudius

    De Germanis, De Britannis

    Rome:  Arch of Nero Claudius Drusus

    Arch of Drusus for his Germanic victories (on coins of Claudius, left a sestertius, right a denarius)
    Drusus the elder, Triumphal Arch "De Germanis"

    Rome: Arch of Nero

    Triumphal Arch of Nero (sestertius)

    Rome: Arch of Severus

    Arch of Septimus Severus on a denarius of the same emperor, standing on the forum romanum

    Rome: Arch of Traian

    Rome: The Augustus Temple

    Caligula sacrificing to Divus Augustus in front of 6 columned tempel of Augustus, sestertius

    The restored Divus Augustus temple

    Rome:  Basilica Ulpia

    on denarius of Augustus, also an equestrian statue in front of building

    Rome: The Circus Maximus
    Traian, sestertius
    renovated by Caracalla, sestertius

    Rome: The Colosseum

    The Colosseum on a sestertius of Titus, note the spectators inside the impressive building.

    Later view of the Colosseum in Rome on a Paduan (Renaissance) copy of a sestertius of Severus Alexander

    Rome: Column of Traian


    Rome: Column of Antoninus Pius

    Column of ANtoninus Pius

    Rome: Restauration of the Concordia Temple:
    by Tiberius

    Rome: The Curia Julia
    on a denarius of Augustus

    Rome: The Divus Julius Temple


    Rome: The Temple of Divus Antoninus Pius and Diva Faustina


     Temple of Diva Faustina (Antoninus Pius, denarius)

    Funeral pyre for the Divus Antoninus Pius (sestertius)

    Rome: The Forum of Traian

    Forum Traiani (Traianus)

    Denarius of Traian, showing the Traian's column in Rome, still standing today.

    Rome: Hercules Temple
    Hadrianus aureus

    Rome: Isis and Serapis Temple

    Domitian denarius

    Rome: Temple of Janus
    the doors of temple were only closed in times of peace, Nero clebrates this event

    Temple of Janus, the doors closed as a sign of peace (sesterti)

    Rome: Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus

    The repaired Jupiter Capitolinus temple

     Jupiter Temple (Traianus, Sest.)

    Iovi Victor Temple

    likely also a Jupiter temple, Hadrian

    Jupiter Tonan temple

      Republican Denarius showing Jupiter temple

    Rome: The Macellum

    Macellum (Nero, Dupondius)

    Rome: The Temple of Mars
    on a denarius of Augustus

    The Port of Ostia

    Port of Ostia on a sestertius of Nero

    The Trajan Port
    sestertius, Traian

    Rome: The Praetorian Camp
    aureus, Claudius

    Rome:  Rostra
    Hadrian gives speech on the Rostra in the Forum Romanum

    Rome: Statues

    Statue of Augustus on column

    Rome: The Equestrian Statues (Republic, Augustus, Traian, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius)

    Republican denarius: equestrian statue on top of aqueduct, 56 BC

    on denarius of Augustus, equestrian statue in front of building

      Statue on Horseback of Traianus, on his forum

    Statue of Hadrian

      Marcus Aurelius' statue on horseback, now in Capitoline Museum, Rome, Aureus

    Rome: The Stadion of Domitian

    Rome: Venus and Roma Temple

    Antoninus Pius, Sesterti


    Rome: The Vesta Temple

    Vesta temple on a denarius of Q Cassius Longinus 54 BC

    Temple of Vesta (two denari of Nero)

    Domitian Aureus

    The Via Traiana

    Via Traiana (to Bari)

    Rome: Villa Publica in Republican Times

    Villa Publica on a republican denarius by Titus Didius, 55 BC

    Provincial Buildings:

    Olympia, The Temple of Zeus

    Temple of Zeus, Olympia (Augustus, denarius)

    Augusta Emerita, Spain: A Citygate

    Citygate of Augusta Emerita (Merida in Spain, denarius of Augustus)

    Diana Temple in Pergamon


    Diana Temple in Ephesos, Roma and Augustus temple in Ephesos


    Lugdunum Roma et Augustus Temple
    with countermark RE

    Temple of Jerusalem
    (Bar Kokhba Uprising)

    Unidentified Buildings

    Unidentified Bridges

         . Roman Bridge (Traianus, sestertius)

    Bridge on As of Septimius Severus

    Unidentified Temples / Buildings

    Augustus, IMP CAESAR temple

    Unknown Temple on a Nero Sestertius

    Unknown temple (Antoninus Pius, Sestertius)

    Triumphal Arch (Gallienus)

    Altar (Crispus)

    Unidentified City Fortifications / Camp Gates

    Galerius with other 3 Tetrachs, argenteus

    Camp Gate (Constantius I), argenteus
    Camp Gate (Crispus), AE follis

    Camp Gate (Flavius Victor), AE4

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