The Late Empire
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The Empire Stabilizes:  The Tetrachy

(system with 2 Augusti and 2 Caesari designed by Diocletian)

Diocletianus (284-305 AD)


Maximianus I Herculis (286-310 AD) Augustus


Domitius Domitianus (296-297 AD), Usurpator

Galerius Caesar and later Augustus (305-311 AD)

Constantius I, Caesar, and later Augustus (305-306 AD)


Maximinus II Daja (309-313 AD)


Severus II (306-307 AD)


Maxentius (306-312 AD)


Romulus, son of Maxentius (died 309 AD)


Alexander of Carthage (311 AD)


Valens (316-317)


Licinius I (308-324 AD)


Licinius II ( 317-324 AD)


Martinianus (324 AD)


To the Dynasty of Constantine the Great