The Late Empire
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The Dynasty of Constantine the Great

Constantius I, father of Constantin the Great  (Caesar, Augustus 305-306 AD)

as Divus

Constantinus I, the Great  (307-337 AD)


The sons and other family members of Constantinus I as Caesars
(see also further below for Constantinus II, Constans, and Constantius II after 337 as Augusti):

Crispus, son of Constantine the Great (Caesar 317-326 AD)


Constantinus II, son of Constantine the Great (Caesar 317-337, Augustus 337-340 AD)


Constans,  son of Constantine the Great (Caesar 333-337, Augustus 337-350 AD)


Constantius II, son of Constantine the Great (Caesar 324-337, Augustus 337-361 AD)

Delmatius, Caesar (335-337 AD)


Hannibalianus  (Rex 335-337 AD)


Urbs Roma, the old capitol in the West

Constantinopolis, the new capital in the East

The sons of Constantinus I as Augusti after his death:

Constantinus II (Augustus 337 - 340 AD)


Constans (Augustus 337-350 AD)


Constantius II (Augustus 337-361 AD)

Magnentius, Usurpator in Gallia


Decentius, brother of Magnentius, (Caesar 351-353 AD)

Vetranio (350 AD)

Nepotianus (350 AD)


Constantius Gallus (Caesar 351-354 AD)


Julianus II Caesar (355-360 AD)

Julianus II Apostata Augustus (360-363 AD)

Iovianus (363-364 AD)
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