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Importance of Roman Military Diplomas for Archaeological Research & the Mission of this Web Project

Most archeological items that show up in the international art market have lost most of their informative value once they were removed from their specific find context. While Roman military diplomas may be found all across the Roman empire and cannot be associated with any specific location (veterans were free to settle anywhere in the empire after their retirement), they are epigraphic artefacts that "speak for themselves":  Especially auxiliary diplomas are major sources of information as they

1) can be dated to a specific day (including the titles of the emperor and the names of the consules / suffect consules). 
2) list names of units stationed in a province at that time; 
3) show the name of the governor of the province;
4) present the name of the commander of the recipient's unit and often his origin
5) list rank, name and origin of the recipient; name and origin of his wive; names of their children.   

While other epigraphic sources, e.g. inscriptions on marble tombstones and donative monuments, also capture valuable information, they are rarely dated. 

Roman Military Diploma On-line is a project to make collectors and dealers aware of the importance of publishing all these documents.
Send us an email if you own a military diploma (fragment). We are publishing military diplomas in major archaeological journals, and you can be named as donor, or remain anonymous, whichever you prefer. Even small Roman military diploma fragments can help progress our knowledge ! 

Disclaimer: please be aware that in many countries it there is a legal obligation to report any archaeological finds to the archaeological institution defined by local law. Please take this obligation seriously; submitting information to does not replace any local legal obligations. 

We have built over the years a database of known fragments and may be able to match yours to known pieces, thus increasing the likelihood of capturing important information even for small fragments. All we need are clear images of both sides, weight (in g), height and width (in cm), thickness and height of letters (in mm).

Contact us at  (please leave out the blank between our name and the @, this is to discourage spam robots)

List of our Roman Military Diploma Publications by Journal (updated Dec 12, 2022):

Acta Musei Napocensis AMN Althistorisch-Epigraphische Studien Archeologisches Korrespondenzblatt des RGZM Bayerische Vorgschichtsblätter (BVG)
Chiron Dacia Journal Epigraphic Daten Bank CLauss Slaby (EDCS) 

Kölner Jahrbuch KJB

Revue des Etudes Militaires Antiques REMA Roman Military Diplomas Vol 5 Scripta Classica Israelica  SCI Tyche Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik ZPE

Multiple new Publications are in Preparation !

See also for pdf reprints (search for Andreas Pangerl or Werner Eck)

Contact us at (please leave out the blank between our name and the @, this is to discourage spam robots)