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1.2. Countermarks on Lugdunum AEs of Augustus and Tiberius as Caesar

Countermarks covered in this section are:

1.2. Part 1:
"ARAT", "AVC", "CA", "CCARN", "CVAL", "IMP lituus", "IMP", "RC",

1.2. Part 2:
"TIB round", "TIB square", "TIBIM", "VAR" (and "Q VAR"), "VICIN", large "Wheel".

This group of countermarks are commonly attributed to Augustus - Tiberius.

They occur mostly on Lugdunum AEs, but some also on Nemausus AEs ("AVC", "IMP", "IMP lituus"), or on Moneyer AEs ("VAR", AVC") of Augustus.