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Copyright Policy


All images used on this site are believed to come from collections for which permission has been obtained and from common domain sources. If there is any image used here for which there is proof of copyrighted ownership and that owner objects to its use in this non-profit educational display, that image will immediately be deleted from the display.

Copyright Protection of Images / Text / any Content

Any content such as images, text, etc. from this site are protected by copyright laws and may not be used unless permission is granted in writing (email:  (please leave out the blank between our name and the @, this is to discourage spam robots)). Please note that in case of donated images the copyright lies with the orginal copyright holders. Please respect their rights.

Use of Images / Text / any Content

If you are interested in using content of this site for a project of yours, please feel free to contact us for written permission with 1) an exact description of the content you are interested in, and 2) a description of your project (commercial or non-commercial). To contact us:  mail to  (please leave out the blank between our name and the @, this is to discourage spam robots)

Please note that third party images shown on this site are often not available for any other use. But we have a very large data base of images of coins and artefacts that can be made available for you.

Some of the Commercial Sources of Scans to this Non-Commercial Museum Project:

<in alphabetical order>

major commercial scan sources:
Classical Numismatical Group
Numismatica Ars Classica
Numismatik Lanz  
occasional commercial scan sources:
Andeavor After Coins
Barry&Darling Ancient Coins
Gorny and Mosch Coins
Künker Coins
Dimitry Markov Coins
Dr Busso Peus Nachfolger
and others

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