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Part 5 : Possible Modern Fakes of Roman Military Diploma Fragments

Disclaimer: The below diploma fragments have not always been physically examined by us other than via the fotos shown below. In all cases there are however indications from the scans that make a modern fake probably - likely (form and technique of letters, text). The listing of these fragments below cannot be seen as final judgement nor as indication of fraud. If you own one of the below please contact us for further examination.
Especially in the past few months we have seen a flood of fake diplomas and fake fragments coming to the art markets. Beware !

Recent suspicious diplomas with very atypical writing and text with errors / copies from already known diplomas:

Image from Ebay auction claiming that this piece is genuine and had been submitted to us for scientific evaluation (which is not true)
Very atypical writing, text not making much sense. Note the additionally broken off fragment and cracks to make the piece appear more genuine.

"Hybrid" of a Praetorian Diploma of Severus Alexander and an auxiliary diploma for Moesia

"Maximinus Thrax Praetorian"

Four possibly fake diploma fragments, atypical writing

more of a similiar make

another possible fake

likely fake text with atypical writing

likely fake text, taken from an original inscription in marble


another likely fake text


Hm, unusual text and shape of letters..

Possibly an original bronze plate of a diploma, heavily retooled with largely meaningless text (ie XXVIIV), so the original text is lost....

Another fake diploma, the letters do not have the natural style but are very "stiff", also many errors