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Part 3b:  Italian Units

Legio II Adiutrix

March 70 for Legio II Adiutrix, half a tabula 1

Classis Praetoria (Fleet):

Example of a Roman Fleet Military Diploma under Hadrian, that granted Roman citizenship 26 years (Navy) of military service in the auxiliary forces to the veteran and his family. The below piece is from Hadrian's reign for either the praetorian fleet of Misena or Ravenna. (W.Eck, D.MacDonald, A.Pangerl, "Neue Diplome Italischer Truppen", ZPE 2002). (From a private collection)

Tabula I outer side                                                                                                       Tabula I  inner side

for the Classis Praetoria Misenensis, under Severus Alexander

Praetorian Cohorts:

for a Praetorian Cohort of Philippus I (British Museum, London)

another example from the Weissenburg Museum in Germany


Equites Singulares:

for an  Equites singulares Cohort of Caracalla