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Part 3a: Provincial Auxiliary Units

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The outer sides of tabulae I and II, from Hadrian, from Britannia, the soldier is from Pannonia, note the witnesses names on the right scan (British Museum, London)


MARCUS AURELIUS & his son COMMODUS, 23 March, 178 A.D., under the consulship of Sergius Scipio Orfitus and P. Velius Rufus, Britannia under the governor Ulpius Marcellus, to the cavalryman Thiophorus, a Dacian of the VII Thracian cohort, under the command of Ulpius Marcianus. (from the Axel Guttmann collection)

Tabula I outer side, tabula II inner side, for a spanish born soldier who served in Britannia (British Museum, London)


The above example is a Tabula I, of Hadrian, Province of Cilicia. Note the holes for the wire. Left is the outer side, right is the inner side with roughly half the text of the outer side. The remaining half of the text had been on the inner side of Tabula II.  Now in the RGZM, Mainz, Germany


Dacia, Dacia inferior, Dacia superior, Dacia porolissensis
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The inner sides of tabulae I and II of Titus, from Egypt (British Museum, London)

Germania Inferior:

Tabula 1, from Germania Inferior, the governor named is ImpTraianus Aug in 98 AD (Nijmegen Museum)

other side of the same diploma from Germania inferior

Diploma from Germania Inferior under Hadrian, note the wire that holds the two tabulae together. During the consulship of Licinius Celer and Rufus, granting Roman citizenship and marriage rights, to a former cavalryman from Dacia of the IV Thracian cohort under the command of Lucius Porcius Crescens.  Germania Inferior was at that time under the governor Lucius Coelius Rufus (from the Axel Guttmann collection)


Germania superior

Under Domitian for Germania superior (private collection Published W Eck, A. Pangerl, ZPE)


Diploma under Domitian for the auxiliary units of Judea

Lycia & Pamphylia
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Mauretiania Caesariensis

under Hadrian for Mauretania Caesariensis, (private collection, published W Eck, A. Pangerl)

Mauretania Tingitana
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Moesia Inferior
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Moesia superior
under Hadrian

(private collection)

under Antoninus Pius

(Weißenburg Museum)


Complete Diploma of Titus for the province Noricum
outer side of tabula 1inner side of Tabula 1

outer side of tabula 2

Pannonia inferior
Complete Diploma of Antoninus Pius for the province of Pannonia inferior (private collection)

Pannonia superior
Diploma under Vespasian, 71 AD,  with the consuls being L. Flavius Fimbria and C. Atilius Barbarus. Issued for the Ala I Brittonuman, commanded by M. (son of M.) Coelius Sergia Honoratus, to the cavalry trooper Cersus, son of Denturasadus, a Thracian. This unit served probably in Pannonia at this time. Pannonia was not yet split in superior and inferior at that time, so this well preserved table serves only as "place holder" for this province. (art market)

Arcahelogical Museum, Munich. Germany

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Syria, under Domitian, (from the art market)

Syria Palestina

Syria Palaestina, under Antoninus Pius, 160 AD, (from the art market, published W Eck, A Pangerl)

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