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  375   Roman Military Diploma Small Fragment Depository


We plan to publish in this section some 200 small fragments of Roman Military Diplomas that have too limited text elements to warrant a specific journal publication, but can still be useful for other researchers.

Please note, as part of the website these images and text are all copyright protected. Mail us if you identify further information relevant to one of these fragments, or want to use this information in one of your publications. We willl then review your request and grant permission as adequate. For any such use reference has to be made to as source of the image and information.

Example :

PA-243 Small Fragment. Lower left corner of tabula 1, likely under Traian


Roman Military Diploma On-line is a project to make collectors aware of the importance of publishing Roman Military Diplonas. We are publishing military diplomata in major scientific journals and appreciate very much new material from private collections for this purpose. You can be named as donor, or you can remain anonymous, whichever you prefer. Contact us at  (please leave out the blank between our name and the @, this is to discourage spam robots)
All we need are clear fotos of both sides (either high resolution scan or real foto), weight (in g), height and width, thickness, height of letters (in mm).

Even small fragments can help to bring Archeology forward ! We have a large database of all known fragments. More than 1200 diplomas are known to us so far,  and we can match yours to known pieces, thus getting important information even out of minor pieces.

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